Google Hangout with Felix Abt – Feb 8th 17:00 UTC+7

I would like to invite everyone for a Google Hangout on Air with Felix Abt, also known as the Capitalist from North Korea, who lived and worked in DPRK for 7 years. He is an author of a amazing book about North Korea – ‚A Capitalist in North Korea’- where he describes his experiences and adventures from this isolated country.TWITTER POST - FELIX ABT

My guest has ample experience with conducting business in North Korea. He is also a co-founder of the Pyongyang Business School. He has traveled across the country and has seen more than more foreginers do in North Korea.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Emil Truszkowski and I’m an author of this Polish blog about tourism and business in North Korea. I also write in Japanese about North Korea, as I presently live in Japan.  I’ve been interested in North Korea for more than 10 years now and I visited DPRK once in 2011.

I have heard about Felix Abt’s book for the first time in Summer 2014 and I really wanted to have a chance to talk to Mr. Abt about doing business in North Korea. I decided that I’m going to try to invite him for a Google Hangout to share his story with readers of my blog. So I made a short video with his book’s review and I sent it to him directly.

As Mr. Abt is a active user of social media I tried contacting him via Twitter and Facebook. I was really glad and suprised that he decided to accept my invitation and agreeded to doing a Google Hangout with me! He once did a very popular AMA on Reddit about North Korea, so I’m sure that a Google Hangout will be another great occasion to learn from him about North Korea. In the future I wish to work in the travel industry in North Korea and interviewing people like Felix Abt is one step to realising my dream.


February 8th 17:00 UTC+7

The interview will be held on my Google Plus Page over here – Greetings from North KoreaFollow my Google Plus page for a direct invitation. It will also be availible at my Youtube channel over here – Greetings from North Korea Youtube Channel.  I make videos in Polish, English and Japanese. If you’re interested in North Korea, be sure to subscribe to my channel! Thank you for your support.


During the interview we will be talking about Felix Abt’s book, doing business in North Korea, sanctions, foreigners in North Korea, travel industry and ordinary lives of North Koreans.

Be sure to drop by on Feb 8th! Follow my Google Plus page for a direct invitation. You just need to visit my site when the interview goes live. Everyone is welcome to join! If you have any questions about doing business in NK don’t hesitate to ask Mr Abt during the interview!